Debt Recovery Services

Falcondale Properties are very aware of the economic situation and are proactive in allowing for this in every budget they prepare for all management companies. It would be naive to ignore the fact that you are not going to receive 100% of all management fees. For example in many large developments Falcondale allows for 'X' fees outstanding and the costs associated in collecting this debt. This cost is then passed on to the owner who has defaulted, but like all management companies as per their lease, the management company has to pay all costs up front.

Falcondale has a dedicated in-house Debt Collection Department, which deals with the initial stages of debt collection from issuing of statements, 7-day notice letters and liaising with solicitors pursing non payers.

This is a very important area and needs constant attention with the current economic situation we find ourselves in. We use various solicitors and debt collection agencies throughout Leinster who specialise in the collection of overdue accounts through the judicial system.

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